I Want To Discuss Comfort Zones

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about comfort zones. Stop me if I start sounding like a Pinterest quote, but all of the best things happen when you leave those comfy places. I know, I’m disgusted with myself too. Hear me out..


Six months ago I was in a bad place in my life. Truth. I wouldn’t say rock bottom, but I was definitely dancing around the edges. I was just unhappy with my life and the direction, or truthfully the lack of direction, that it was going in. I remember wanting so desperately to make a change, but I was so scared of giving up what I already had and only finding something worse.

Fear was holding me back, guys. I was pinning all of the inspirational Pinterest quotes I could possibly pin, reading all of the inspirational and self help articles I could find, and watching all of the motivational videos that YouTube has to offer and at the end of the day? I was still scared.

It wasn’t until one day I read an old blog post of mine that was sitting in my drafts and I realized I had been unhappy with my lack of direction for over a year. ONE WHOLE YEAR I spent unhappy and scared. Then I kind of just thought, I spent a whole year being unhappy, so why not commit myself right now to a year of experimentation? The year was going to pass anyway, right? So at the time I just thought, okay.. One year, I’ll give it one year. I made sure I had an escape route and a nice backup plan, but I took the leap.

Six months ago I accepted a job that I didn’t really want, per say, but that I needed. It was out of my comfort zones, but still just enough in my comfort zones that I wasn’t giving myself panic attacks. Three weeks into said new job, I was offered a promotion and new position. WHOA. What? I accepted, scared to death, but I was also like “well why not? I’m only committing to a year anyway, so I’m still safe”.

Well the last month has been full of discussions and interviews and a lot of me saying “WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY LIFE?!” but as of last week I’ve officially been offered another promotion and accepted a new big position. I hesitated to accept it, because I was (okay, I am still) scared shitless, but I figured this was all part of my Year of Yes, so I said.. Yes.

To recap for those playing at home, on the 6 month anniversary of starting this job, I received a new, big promotion all because I finally took the plunge and got out of my comfort zone. I’m still kind of like “WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY LIFE” but I’m also really excited and happy.

I also acknowledge that none of this would have happened if I hadn’t first decided I was going to tip toe out of my comfort zone. So far, so many good things have happened to me since I’ve done that.

Selfie Fall2015

Moral of the story? Do more of what you’re afraid of. Get out of those comfort zones and make things happen. It won’t be handed to you and it won’t all be easy and it most certainly won’t all come without fear.

I tried really hard NOT to sound like a motivational weight loss book, but that’s hard to do when you’re trying to be motivational. Ya feel me? So take it for what it’s worth and take everything I said with a grain of salt.

Oh, and stay tuned.. My Year of Yes continues..

You Make It

Xx Kay

6 Songs I’m Loving | Quickie Post

Just thought I’d pop in today to share a few songs I’ve been listening to on repeat the last 2 weeks! I’ve tried to listen to new things, but every time I open my Spotify, I just play these same songs over and over and over.. Obviously, these are songs I’m loving at the moment.


Conor Maynard • Vegas Girl

Justin Bieber • Love Yourself

Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez • We Don’t Talk Anymore

Zayn • Pillowtalk

Conor Maynard • Royalty

Sam Hunt • Break Up In A Small Town

What songs have you been loving? Always looking to add things to my Spotify!


Xx Kay

New Blog Loves | Bloggers To Follow

A few weekends ago I was mindlessly scrolling through Twitter when I found this post from Brooke. Someone had retweeted her and I just happened to click on her post and oh my goodness, I fell down the rabbit hole HARD. I ended up with a wonderful new list of bloggers I’ve been loving the last few weeks.

I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem the last, oh I don’t know, YEAR (?!) but my blog roll has been so dried up and blah. It’s because I’ve been a part of this blogging community for such a long time now. Most of the people I loved and read religiously when I first started are gone and I haven’t replaced them with enough new and fresh bloggers.

Changing that now.

Blog_Loves 05

I started with Brooke’s list (thank you so much Brooke!) and then started reading the comments on everyone’s posts and clicking on those people and then reading their blogs and the comments on their posts and finding more bloggers and whoa. Internet rabbit hole.

Without further adieu, a few bloggers I’m obsessing over..


Jodie Loue

Blog_Loves 01


She’s young and sweet and takes really great blog photos. Her blog is nice to look at and I really like and can relate to her writing style, if that makes any sense. When I read her blog I just think “yep, she’s good at this, she’s on her way up to top blogger status.” Just being honest.

Her BlogHer TwitterHer Instagram


that’s just fabulous

Blog_Loves 02


I’m really into Faith right now. Her whole blog aesthetic I’m just really into. I also like her opinions on beauty products, which I know sounds weird, but I do, I like them. She’s a winner, especially if you’re into beauty blogging.

Her BlogHer TwitterHer Instagram


In The Frow

Blog_Loves 03


Victoria is #goals. I don’t know what else to say other than I love her. Can’t even begin to recommend her enough. Goals, goals, goals. She also has a Youtube channel and UGH, she’s great, right?

Her Blog. • Her TwitterHer Instagram


Brooke Elise

Blog_Loves 04


I can’t forget the girl who started this whole thing. I think my favorite thing about reading Brooke’s blog this past week was just how much she’s not afraid to write the posts that need to be written. Girl is not about to be shy and I commend her for it.

Her BlogHer TwitterHer Instagram


So who’s next? I’m ready for more new blogs to read, so throw ’em at me! If you’ve got recommendation or you want to promote your own blog, NOW IS THE TIME. Leave links in the comments, please! 

Also, be sure to always check out the comment section of blog posts you read, you can find some real hidden gems in there!!


Xx Kay

My 26th Birthday Blog Post. Weird.

I’ve been blogging regularly since I was 22 and so for the past several (four, ok. it’s been four, i’m 26 now, how did this happen?) birthdays I’ve written a birthday post on my blog (my previous blog that is). Well, last Friday was  my 26th birthday and so here’s my birthday post to myself.


Last night I read all of my previous birthday blog posts and oh my goodness, isn’t it kind of crazy how many things can change in a year and then also how little things can change in a year? Isn’t life the weirdest thing?

If we’re being honest, I wanted to get this post up on my blog on Friday. Ya know, actually post it ON my birthday. However, I’ve had a lot of shit going on, ok? Which is another blog post that is currently sitting in my drafts that I add to and edit constantly but still don’t have it ready to post because it makes me cry.

So anyways..

I went back and forth on what to write for my 26th birthday post. Do I talk about my 25th year of life? Recap it for you? Do I make a list of wants for my 26th year? A goal list, perhaps? (also, didn’t i just do that?) But I’ve been there, I’ve done all of that.

Instead, let’s talk about how I’m now officially closer to 30 than I am to 20 and THAT’S WEIRD. There are so many things I wanted to have done before I was 26 and I haven’t done them! Now I feel like I’m in a race with myself, which is so obnoxiously annoying. Or maybe it’s just a little bit motivating? I’ve been 26 for 5ish (“ish” because i can’t be bothered to do real math right now) days now and I’ve just been ticking things off my life list left and right. Starting with going through my apartment and either cleaning everything and organizing it in a way that makes sense to me OR getting rid of it if its not something I’m 100% in love with. YES, ok.. I own that “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” book and yes, I finally read it. I’m 26 now, new year of life, new me.

And this new me is ready to kick some ass.

Welcome to Kay at 26.
Just totally out of control and unpredictable.
High Five.

Xx Kay