Camp Takota and Hey USA!

Hello TV Friday!

TV_FridayToday I’m going to be bending the rules a little bit because FREEDOM. Instead of talking about TV in the traditional sense, we’re going to be talking about a few different forms of digital media. It’ll be fine; you’ll like it.

I really want to introduce you guys to a few internet personalities first. Go say hello to Grace HelbigHannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart

grace_mamrie_hannahYou’ve probably heard of them, they’re very popular and absolutely wonderful. Their sense of humor is my favorite mix of 8th grade boy and college professor. Meaning they make fart jokes mixed in with smart jokes that you’ve gotta understand the joke to get the joke. It’s a comedy style that I appreciate.

I’ve been watching their YouTube videos for a long while now, but I just recently got around to watching a few of their other projects, specifically Camp Takota and Hey USA!

Camp Takota

camptakota02This movie is adorable. I was surprised how much I actually loved it. This is starring the trio , co-written by Mamrie Hart, and produced by the trio. I had watched all of the behind the scenes videos before I watched the movie and I think that made me love the movie even more, so I recommend doing that too. All three of them have videos of behind the scene stuff and interviews on their YouTube pages.

You can watch the trailer here and also watch the movie now on Netflix. It really is good guys! It has some great comedy and it’s also just a really good feel-good chick flick movie! Lots of best friend stuff included, which melted my heart, of course. I recommend highly!!


heyusa01Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart went to 8 different cities in the US last summer and did a bunch of random activities at each place and filmed it all. The episodes are short, 16 minutes each I think, and there are only 8 episodes. So really, you have no good reason not to watch these! I laughed so hard during some of them and just genuinely found them interesting! I had only ever been to TWO of the 8 places they visited and I’ve now discovered 6 more places I need to go!

Again, really recommend! You can watch all of the episodes HERE!

That’s all I have to say about that! Happy Friday, friends!
OH, I can’t figure out how to respond to your comments at the moment, so give me the weekend to figure out life and I’ll make it happen! Lots of blog fixing and updating and WordPress learning this weekend, so I’ll see you on Monday!!

Xx Kay

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  • I loved Camp Takota! Have never heard of Hey USA though.

  • I want the onesie Grace and Mamrie are wearing that’s red with the moose! Perfect for cozy MN winters.

  • Im going to check out the episodes since I’m clueless haha