30 Unique Blog Post Ideas

I love you guys.
I’m so happy that so many of you were not only willing to come with me on this new journey, but you’re all completely sharing in my excitement! Goodness, you guys are the best kind of best friends.

When I decided to start a new blog, I started reading a ton of tutorials and advice posts about starting your first blog. No, this isn’t my first blog, but I was very curious to see what kind of advice seasoned bloggers gave to newbies. I also kept reading all of the comments on those posts and it was there that I found a blog post idea of my own.

One question that kept coming up in the comment sections was some variation of “how do you come up with blog post ideas?”. I don’t always know how I actually come up with post ideas, but I do have a running list of post ideas on my phone. Some of them are ridiculous, but some of them have potential.

Today as a thank you for being the best people in the whole world, I’m going to share my secret list of blog post ideas! Well, the ones with potential anyway!



30 Unique Blog Post Ideas

  1. How do you perk yourself up on a down day?
  2. What words do you absolutely hate and which words do you absolutely love!
  3. Lip swatches. Just a ton of lip swatches.
  4. Create a themed playlist of songs for me to enjoy!
  5. What’s in your car trunk!
  6. Chose a very specific, “ordinary” memory from your childhood and tell me about it and what you think about it now, looking back.
  7. Live blog a movie. I just really need someone to do this!
  8. Share a few really amazing YouTube videos that you love.
  9. 10 minute or less DIY!
  10. Review the last book(s) you read.
  11. Blog about blogging. It’s a fan favorite.
  12. Plan the ultimate meal for me!
  13. Essential kitchen gadgets.
  14. Your favorite Tweets or Instagrams this week.
  15. Round up your personal best autocorrect fails.
  16. Share your best Photoshop tips! (seriously, I need those, send me those)
  17. Go through the 7 Deadly Sins and how they apply to you or do not apply to you.
  18. Tell me some of your quirks that make you YOU.
  19. Read your horoscope for this week and discuss.
  20. Take a picture of your hairstyle every day for a week and you can’t wear your hair the same way twice. This is a blog post and a challenge.
  21. What charity organization do you stand behind and want to support?
  22. Show me that DVD collection!
  23. Tell me about your fears.
  24. What have you learned about being a good friend?
  25. How to battle procrastination.
  26. Themed workout. (like this)
  27. Your biggest and most embarrassing celebrity crushes.
  28. What are some life lessons that you’ve learned the hard way?
  29. Share your ugliest Snapchat faces.
  30. Handwrite your blog post, take pictures, post those pictures. So adorable.

Of course, if you ever use one of these blog post ideas, the first thing you better do is send the link to me, because I’m going to need to read it immediately!

See you tomorrow, friends!

Xx Kay

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  • You did it again!!!
    I still need to do the photo-an-hour post like you recommended last time you gave all the greatest ideas. Yay!

  • Sarah

    When I originally browsed this I thought the first one said “twerk” I was extremely intrigued.
    These are amazing, and will help pull me out of my funk. Also, I LOVE YOUR NEW CORNER OF THE INTERNET.

  • ugliest snapchat faces FOR SURE.

  • Ohhh, I think that I may steal this link & keep it for when I’m having a day where I don’t know what to blog about. Thanks, girlie! 🙂

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  • Some of these are super fun! I love blog post idea lists because it also usually triggers a thought and inspires even more posts!

  • Another great list of fab ideas, Snicklefritz! I’m gonna have to work a few of them into my editorial calendar for sure!

  • These are all original ideas! I’m going to have to add them to my list 🙂

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss

  • Oh these are some great ideas! Thanks for them!

  • Gahhhh! How do you continuously come up with great blog post ideas and how can I get me some of the thinking juice?

  • YES! your list last year was great and now THIS! LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!

  • Such great ideas!!! Will have to add to my blog resource round up 🙂

  • Blogging about blogging ftw!

  • Cassie

    Handwriting a blog post and posting it in photos – THE cutest thing ever! I can’t believe I never thought of this! haha.. I might just do it..