Getting Personal – Being The Holiday Cheermeister

Good Morning & Happy Sunday! I hope you are all loving December so far, because I have to tell you, I’m having more fun with my blog and the internet now than I have had in literal YEARS.

I was thinking today we’d be a bit more chilled out. I love the posts that I’ve planned out within an inch of their life and the posts I’ve spent hours & days working on, I truly love them and am proud of them. That’s just not the only kind of content I want on Champagne Laced. Which is a topic for another time (January, winky wink).

For today, I’m just going to chat. I’m going to pick a subject and type until I feel like I’m done and then I’m going to hit publish. That’s pretty much it, so let’s get a little personal, shall we!

Several weeks ago now, early November, my sister called me the Holiday Cheermeister. I’m not 100% sure she meant it as a compliment, yea I’m onto you Linds, I see you being your shady self! However, I showed her and I did taket it as a compliment!

I actually love being called the Holiday Cheermeister! It is kind of the perfect nickname for the person I want to be. I want to be someone who spreads holiday cheer and who spreads general happiness and kindness! I hope more and more people catch onto it actually, because there are far worse things to be than a Holiday Cheermeister, I can tell you that right now!

I was thinking the other day how hard this time of year is for some people and how difficult it can be for some to feel any kind of holiday cheer. So, yes, I’m sure there are people who want no part of my Holiday Cheermeister self, but general kindness can go a long way and touch a lot of people.

There’s no reason that this holiday season can’t be the beginning of your new quest that I’m bestowing upon you to spread kindness around (like confetti)!

Go forth and be kind to one another!
Signed, The Holiday Cheermeister

Christmas Music Playlist

One of the best parts of the Holiday Season is the Christmas Music. And I don’t mean to brag (yes, I do) but I’m pretty confident that my Christmas Music Playlist is The Best. 

Yes, “The Best” is capitalized to draw attention to the fact that it is the freaking best. 

In all seriousness, I think my Christmas Music Playlist is the best because I put a lot of work into it. This is not a game. I kind of secretly start listening to my christmas music playlist in August pretty regularly and by Halloween I’m in full blown Christmas music mode. Ain’t no stopping me!! 

Everyone and their second cousin has an opinion on when it’s appropriate to start jamming to their Christmas music playlist, but the bottom line is that Christmas music makes me happy. Why wouldn’t I want to listen to something that makes me happy? I would.

Below I’ve inserted (I hope) my Spotify Christmas Music Playlist. You could also follow me on Spotify if you want to creep on the other playlists I’ve created. Aside from my Christmas Music Playlist, I’m also pretty proud of my “Musicals and Soundtrack” playlist. Basically just another set of songs that makes me ridiculously happy!

Enjoy my Christmas Music Playlist! There should be something for everyone!
Now, what are your favorite Christmas songs? Is it not on my Christmas Music Playlist? Well then I NEED IT. So let me know so I can add it!

Xx Kay