Thoughts On Blogger’s Doing Sponsored Posts

My second day back and I’m already tackling a controversial issue. Wasting NO time.

I just really wanted to give my personal thoughts on blogger’s doing sponsored posts, because I know it’s a sensitive issue around these parts and I don’t understand why. Taboo subject? No. Stop. That’s stupid.

Let’s open up a real discussion on the subject.


What I’m Thinking

I don’t hate them. Actually, a little bit of the opposite.

Listen, products are going to advertise whether we like it or not and I’d much rather read an actual opinion about a product from someone who has actually used said product than from a million dollar paid advertisement that is 100% scripted.

I especially love reading sponsored posts or reviews from a blogger (or youtuber for that matter) that I can actually trust to be honest with us, the readers. I love knowing that if that person says they love a product, then it’s no bullshit and they love the product. On the flip side, I like that I can tell when they don’t love a product. That comes with just knowing the person behind the blog, which brings me to my next point…

I DO NOT LIKE blogs that are exclusively sponsored posts. I think a good 70% content, 30% sponsored ratio is the maximum a blogger should go. Otherwise I don’t trust you.

Sorry, that’s just the truth. If I can’t get to know you and I can’t get a feeling for your tone in your writing (or in videos) and I can’t figure out when you actually love something and when you’re on the fence, then I don’t trust you. Which means I don’t want to read ANY of your sponsored posts because I probably think they’re all bologna.

Again to reiterate, for the most part, I love sponsored posts AND I read them. I’ve even purchased products based on sponsored posts. Several times in fact. If you’re a blogger and you get the opportunity to do a sponsored post, all I ask if that you are honest. That makes you credible. Otherwise, you do you! You get that paycheck! Blogging is hard and expensive and WORK. Why shouldn’t you make a little side money?


But what do you think? Let’s open up the discussion.
There is no reason that this should be a taboo subject to discuss in Blog World.
All I ask if that you’re respectful.






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I Had An Itch

Something strange happened this past weekend. Very strange indeed..

I really had an itch to write a blog post.

I had a lot of things I wanted to get done on Sunday (which, side note: I only accomplished 25% of my to-do list.. Dangit), but throughout the entire day I just kept thinking “Man, I really miss blogging regularly” and “Remember this time last year, I’d have been working on blog posts all day today.” and “I think I really want to blog tonight”.


It has been a very long time since I felt that way. A very long time since I’ve had that itch.

Naturally when I had some time to dust the cobwebs off my long forgotten blog, I started by reading through my current Bloglovin feed.

See, not only had I not been blogging, but I had seriously slacked on reading my favorite blogs too. I’d read the occasionally post here or there from a Twin, but nothing consistent. As I was going through my Bloglovin feed though, I realized why I had stopped reading as many blogs. It was like sifting through my email inbox.. Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad, actual real post, Ad, Ad, Ad. That’s not fun.

Now, I’m not someone who has a problem with sponsored posts, not in the least! I plan on blogging about that tomorrow, but I am someone who wants to read the occasional real blog post from someone.

To put my thoughts into actual words – I was disappointed in my Bloglovin feed. Part of that is on me. Because I haven’t been actively looking for new blogs to read in too long, so my old standbys have started to taper off or just aren’t pumping out the content I want to read. I’m not mad at them or putting them down, it happens and IT. IS. OK.

I also want to say, there were a couple of hidden gems in my Bloglovin feed that I didn’t even know I followed and of course, a few of my ride or dies were putting out amazing and fantastic content. It made me all kinds of happy.


To conclude, I’m back and here to stay. I missed this place. I’m also looking for new bloggers to follow, so if you know of someone (or if it’s YOU!) leave the link in the comments so I can properly stalk. Also, I’ve decided that if the content I want to read isn’t out in Blog World, then I guess I need to be the one to put that content out there.

Good luck, me.

Tomorrow: A post on Bloggers doing sponsored posts and why I don’t hate them.
See you there! Or uh.. here.
Perfect, ending on an awkward note. Story of my life.






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