I Got A New Job!

Yes, that’s correct! Today, I am starting my new job!

I’m also having very mixed feelings about it. ALL THE MIXED FEELINGS. However, I think this is putting me and my crazy-pants life on a good track. I originally wrote “on the right track” but that gave me anxiety, so I changed it.


The other thing about this new, full-time job is that I didn’t actually completely quit either of my other 2 jobs. Because I’m an idiot I’m a workaholic and I love to torture myself.
See also: Because I’m an idiot.

I thought this post was necessary, becauseā€¦
#1 – I’m hoping it explains A LITTLE why I’ve been so flakey on the blog recently. Of course, there were also 37 other reasons and excuses, but this has been one of them.
#2 – There have been a lot of things I’ve really wanted to blog about, but I haven’t because I was really struggling to organize my own thoughts and feelings because of everything. Now, I definitely think I have a firmer grasp on what I actually want to say.

I’m hoping this means you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on Champagne Laced, and not just on Twitter and Instagram. On second thought, maybe give me about a week to get adjusted to my new schedule!

2015-06-30 12.12.03

To Future Kay,
I hope that many months, maybe years from now when you come back to read this post that you can read between the lines and under the words on the screen and you remember how you actually felt typing this post. I hope you remember that “all the feelings” actually meant ALL THE FEELINGS.

Love you, Lovelies!






When Do You Read Blogs?

Today I have a very important question that I need answered. If you are a daily blog reader, what time of day do you read blogs?
In the mornings?
During your lunch?
Evenings after work?
Sporadically throughout the day?
In bed at night?

Ok, I actually have a second question. If you are NOT a daily blog reader, but you still read blogs, when do you read them?
A few times a week?
Sunday nights?
Wednesday mornings?


I wanted to take a quick poll, because I’m thinking of making a change. A change I’ve been considering for a little while, but lately it’s been on my mind almost daily. I think it would change the way I blog and the way I personally read blogs.

I personally think it was be great, butĀ there’s so much to consider!

So if you wouldn’t mind, please give me your opinion and then share this with others so I can get their opinions! A very informal poll, mostly to curb my curiosity!

Thank you in advance, lovelies!