Why ‘The Goblet of Fire’ Is My Favorite Harry Potter Book

Many of you know that every summer I reread all of the Harry Potter books (#HPsummerReRead). Mostly because I can watch the movies any time I want, but it takes a lot more time to read the books and I love the books. I hate to be that girl, but the books are better. They just are.


As a quick disclaimer, I’ve got to tell you guys – I love all of the Harry Potter books. They’re all the best. So to say that Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire is my favorite is a big statement, I know. Just know that I do love them all. I also love all of the movies. I just really love Harry Potter in general, guys. I’m that girl.

Oh also, I’m specifically talking about The Goblet of Fire BOOK, not the movie. Because I think they did NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to doing this book justice in movie form. I understand, but ugh. My one (and kind of only) big grief with the movies.

Having said all of that, now I’m going to tell you

Why ‘The Goblet of Fire’ Is My Favorite Harry Potter Book


The Magical World Becomes Bigger Than Hogwarts

One thing I really love about ‘Goblet of Fire’ is that it expands the magical world. In the first 3 books the idea and the concept that the wizarding world is bigger than Hogwarts is there, but it isn’t until ‘Goblet of Fire’ than the concept becomes real. I loved reading about the other 2 wizarding schools that come to Hogwarts for the Tri-Wizard Tournament because, especially in my young mind when I first read the book, it makes the idea of a wizarding world more realistic.

The Quidditch World Cup

I truly am in love with the first few chapters of ‘The Goblet of Fire’ because it’s all about the Quidditch World Cup. The amount of detail J.K. Rowling included and how again, it extends the wizarding world? I think it’s some genius writing.


It amuses me to no end that in ‘Goblet of Fire’ we are reading about characters in their full blown year of puberty. The dating starts, the jealous begins, the romances and crushes are beginning to be laid out, and I couldn’t possibly love it any more. This leads me into my next point..

‘The Goblet of Fire’ Is The Transition Book

It’s fitting that it is literally the middle book in the series, because it is also the book that takes us from the young, childish tone that the first 3 Harry Potter books have and into the darker, more adult tone that finishes the series. ‘Goblet of Fire’ begins with not a naive Harry and friends, by any means, but they still had that childish “everything will be okay” air about them. When the book ends it feels as if Harry and friends have aged multiple years, rather than just one. When you read ‘Goblet of Fire’ you can actually feel the characters aging and things in and around Hogwarts and their wizarding world changing. It is the transition book.

The Threat Becomes Real

This is the book that transforms Voldemort into an actual physical being and thereby the threat becomes real and tangible for the first time. In the first 3 books Voldemort was more of a threat and an idea, but in ‘Goblet of Fire’ the threat of Voldemort increases and becomes real, because he himself becomes tangible and real.

Overall, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire is my favorite book because it straddles the line of fun and innocence in the first 3 books and the darkness that encompasses the remaining 3 books.

i don't care

What is your favorite Harry Potter book?
While we’re on the subject, what is something in The Goblet of Fire that you’re upset the movies left out? Me? SO MANY THINGS. The movie could’ve been 4 hours and they still probably wouldn’t have gotten it all though, so I understand.

Until tomorrow..

Love you lovelies.














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Supporting Your Fellow Bloggers

The internet is an interesting place. So naturally I think the internet community is also incredibly interesting. Interesting and fascinating  and weird and I love it.


I’ve mentioned multiple times how much I love YouTube. I can easily spend hours watching videos in one day. I follow a lot (re: soooo many) YouTubers on social media and I’ve really been thinking of this trend some of them started.

They use the phrase #TeamInternet. I think to partially show their support for their fellow YouTubers and partially to create a community with their viewers and the viewers of other YouTubers.

Screenshot 2015-07-26 22.12.58

See, YouTubers don’t get a lot of respect by traditional media. I could go on and on about this, but let’s just stick with that fact for now. They don’t get respect. So Team Internet is thrown around a lot by some of the bigger YouTubers to support each other and I love it and the concept.

It is actually became one of the biggest reasons I decided to come back to blogging.

You see, I love this community.
I think it’s special and unique and there are so many people here in Blogland that add so much value to the world around them. I believe the same thing about so many YouTubers. They add value! But their value isn’t being recognized enough.

A few weeks ago I was experiencing a little bit of a low. I was not in a good head space and I could feel myself slipping farther into a dark place that I didn’t want to be in. So I took a drive. I cried out all of my tears and as odd as I know it sounds, I started talking to myself as if I was myself 5 years into the future. Trust me, I know how borderline crazy that sounds, but I’m just being honest, that is exactly what I did.

While I was talking to myself I kind of came up with this whole “end game” in my head. I decided exactly where I wanted to be in 5 years and I just needed to decide how I was going to get there. I’m not ready to talk about my end game with anyone yet, but I’m excited to talk about one of the puzzle pieces.

I want to fully love and support the people who’ve earned and deserve my love and support. I know that seems like such a small thing, but I think kindness can go a long way in improving this generation we’re living in and why not start with myself?


This brings me back around to #TeamInternet.

Moving forward Champagne Laced will be doing 2 new things.

#1 – I will be featuring Bloggers or YouTubers or Internet related people regularly on the blog. In all kinds of different ways! From full post features, to tweets, to a small mention in a post. I want to incorporate big and small ways of supporting the people around me who are doing incredible things.

#2 – At the end of every post on Champagne Laced there will be a new feature. Secret Link Of The Day. I won’t be putting a description or telling you what the link is, but it’ll be a fun new interactive feature. It could be a video or blog post that I think is funny or inspirational or thought provoking or creative or entertaining. Endless possibilities.

I highly encourage anyone and everyone reading to support your fellow interneters. We’re all in this together.
If you know of someone who deserves some recognition or support, please, please let me know and I’ll incorporate it into something, somehow!
Or if you’d like to submit a link for Secret Link Of The Day, PLEASE DO! I have a few I already want to use, but I’d LOVE getting submissions so much!
OR, if you are a Blogger or YouTuber and you’re launching something or creating a community post (link up, etc) or you have a post/video that you’ve worked incredibly hard on and you’d like some additional support, do not hesitate to tell me about it!

I hope you support me on this and my hope of hopes is that move of you will jump on board with me. Support one another.


Love you Lovelies.





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Oh hey, fancy seeing you here.
Or uh actually.. fancy seeing ME here.


That’s me, I thought you might need a reminder.

Yes, I know, it has been a little bit since I’ve written on here. I feel a tiny, little, semi-microscopic bit guilty right now, because in my last post I declared that I was ready to be back and ready to get back into the swing of things and ready to take this blog in a new direction, which happens to be the new direction of my life. Annndddddd then I disappeared.

Do you even remember who I am? Let’s catch up!

First of all, the last time I posted was also the week of my best friend’s wedding. So I was maid of honoring all week and that weekend. Here’s a lazy picture recap. FUN.


The week after the wedding I was sleeping.
I had been running around like a crazy person for weeks trying to make my best friend’s wedding everything she wanted it to be and being there for her every minute and don’t get me wrong, I loved every second of it and I know I’d do it all over again for her! But I was TIRED. I needed the break from life so bad and so I really took it easy that week and weekend, because I needed some Me Time and some sleep. Mostly just some sleep.

Then we had the 4th of July, and we took some family pictures on Indiana University’s campus, because that is our family.
Here are a few, because FUN.



Oh, and my best & I went to the 4th of July parade. Insert visuals.

2015-07-04 09.53.58-1July4th_2015

The weekend of July 11th (which is my sister’s birthday) we took a girls trip to Nashville, TN for her birthday. It was fun, as many of you saw on my Snapchat (shameless plug, FOLLOW ME – kriistenstoll).. For those who didn’t – Lazy Picture Recap. FUN.


Ok, wasn’t that great?! (my sass level is at a 10 today, apparently)
Now you’re mostly caught up to the present, so HI LOVELIES!

I ready this time, I’m back. I wish I could tell you what to expect on this internet space moving forward, but.. I don’t know yet either. LIFE IS SO FUN AND UNEXPECTED.

I’ll see you loves, probably not tomorrow, because no one reads blogs on Fridays, but next week. Monday. If I type it then I’ll have to stick to it. Boom.

Love you lovelies!