Falling In & Out of Love | My One Month Blogging Break

The previous post on this site was posted on May 15th. Which means it has been 1 month since I’ve posted on Champagne Laced. That was not by accident.

The short version: I needed a break.
The long version:

As anyone reading this who also has their own blog can understand, blogging takes a lot of work. It’s time consuming and just generally takes up a lot of space in your brain, because when you’re not working directly on your blog, you’re thinking about things to change or add or write on your blog.

This is easily overlooked when you enjoy what you’re doing. The time and the effort is so easily written off when you love everything about blogging and you’re having fun and things are exciting. However, it is hard to ignore when you’re frustrated and not in love with your blog or with blogging anymore.


Now, I have 5 reason I think I fell out of love with blogging:

1. I don’t have any friends in my real life who also blog, so they didn’t understand when I would spend hours working on a post and they didn’t get excited when I got X number of page views in one day, because they didn’t understand what that meant. I had no one to bounce ideas off of or to celebrate the little victories with, and I definitely had no one to remind me why I loved blogging in the first place as I slowly slid out of love.

2. Lack of inspiration has been a huge downfall. I don’t mean lack of post ideas, I have lists and lists of posts ideas, I’ve even shared several with you, but I mean a lack of true inspiration. In the blogging world if you need to be unique and original to stand out among the thousand of blogs out there in the world. It’s hard to be original or even get excited about trying to be original when you’re uninspired. More of the same gives you more of the same.

3. Time. I feel like I have had an above average amount of things going on in 2015 so far. Since January, I’ve just had a lot of things happening and for lack of better words, I’ve been busy.

4. I was putting an enormous amount of pressure on myself, regarding this blog, for no reason. I knew I was being ridiculous and yet, I couldn’t stop myself. The more pressure I piled on myself, the more I was exhausting myself. The more I became to resent this blog rather than enjoy it. I would then get frustrated with myself because I knew that no one was putting pressure or me except for myself. The more frustrated I got with myself, the more I channeled that frustration into dislike for my blog. It all made no sense and I couldn’t stop it.

5. I was reading far too many blogs about blogging. There are a lot of them and so many of them are great and wonderful and I’m truly obsessed with them. BUT, I was already slowly sliding out of love and these blogs just left me feeling uninspired instead of inspired, and exhausted rather than enthused. While they were wonderful, they left me feeling like I had to fit into a specific mold. It was getting harder and harder for me to separate the good tips from the “do this or you’ll fail” message.

All of those things added together became like a ball rolling down a hill. Gaining speed the closer it got to the bottom. I was sliding quickly out of love with Champagne Laced and blogging and I knew that wasn’t what I wanted. I needed to step away and either figure things out or say goodbye forever.

So I took some time and truthfully, it was slightly more than 2 weeks before I even missed this. The break felt good and gave me time to think through some choices I needed to make.


I do love blogging, but I didn’t love Champagne Laced. When I moved from my previous blog to this new home of Champagne Laced, I had a lot of goals in mind. Many, many, many of them still apply. Except, I was trying too hard to fit into the blog world and it was making me so incredibly unhappy.

All of these blogging rules are just.. Stupid. They’re stupid and I’m through with them. What kind of message am I sending if I feel like I can’t be authentically ME in a blog post? It’s ridiculous and unfortunate that I felt that way at all. That’s not the kind of message I ever want to send to anyone. I want you to be YOU and to hell with everyone else!


So that’s the direction this blog is heading.
There were always posts I enjoyed writing more than others and those are the posts I’m going to concentrate on. If I’m going to spend hours and hours on this blog, then I’m damn well going to enjoy it. Also, I’m going to work on being more authentic and hopefully encourage you to be authentically you on this space too.

So that is where we go from here.
I’m back and I’m feeling good and motivated and inspired.

This was a long and very wordy post, so if you’ve stuck around, I applaud you and I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know you did, because you’re someone I want to be friends with.
With that said, I’ll see you soon.

Ready or not.