The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Finale Review | TV Friday

Discussing all things The Vampire Diaries and last night’s Season 6 finale. Spoilers. So many spoilers ahead. SO. MANY. Let’s get this TV Friday thing started.


I watched. I attempted to organize my thoughts. I failed. Let’s discuss.

The Vampire Diaries – Season 6 Finale Review

“I’m Thinking of You All The While” was a beautifully tragic goodbye – To more than just Elena Gilbert… But mostly to Elena Gilbert.


Obviously, if you watch TVD, then you know Nina Dobrev did not renew her contract and was leaving the show at the end of this season. This was it. The end for Nina Dobrev, which meant the end for Elena Gilbert. I liked that we knew Nina was 100% leaving, because that meant when I started the episode I knew by the end that one way or another, Elena wouldn’t be in the show anymore. I just wanted to know HOW they were going to do it. I’ll discuss this further in a second.

First, let’s talk Jo. Sad to see Jo and her babies die. My heart broke watching Alaric holding her dead body and crying. Tragic. Also, curious to see how Alaric pulls through this whole ordeal (loved Elena’s advice to him at the end). I’d be into The Vampire Diaries showing someone ACTUALLY DEALING WITH THEIR GRIEF. Alaric doesn’t get to flip a switch, so I’m ready to see an average human handle his grief. Yes, TVD, do this – Without making him an alcoholic, because that’s tired and played out.


Now we have to talk about Liv and Tyler. We knew Michael Trevino was also leaving TVD at the end of the season (ish, i think he might be returning for a little tiny bit in the season 7 opener), and I was pretty curious about how they were going to make us care about that at all. To be honest, Tyler hasn’t had the amazing character arc that he should’ve gotten. That happens when a show has (or had, i guess) as many characters as TVD has (had). Liv begging Tyler to kill her, so he could trigger his werewolf curse, and live? One of my favorite scenes of the episode. Beautifully, heartbreakingly tragic. Liv was going to die anyway, so it wasn’t totally unrealistic for Tyler to agree to killing her, which made it more heartbreaking and less “WTF?”.


I have to mention Kai now, because UGH.. I’m so sad to see his character go!! I truly loved that actor and I LOVED Kai as the villain!! I know his death really HAD to happen, because it’s not something that would’ve worked to drag it on into Season 7, but I’m still bummed about it, because I really liked Kai. I loved to hate him, ya know? But his death scene? YES. “Heads it is.” – Damon. If he had to die, that was the perfect way. Perfection.

I do want to mention, just for a second, how much I appreciated that Stefan had his whole dialogue about Elena not coming into his life to be his great love, but she came into his life to bring him back to Damon, because of the way she loved Damon. LOVED. Also, I DO ship #Steroline. I like the incredibly complicated love story they’re playing with Caroline and Stefan. I love that they’re giving it a slow build and that the complications feel real.


Okay, now let’s talk about the major storyline of the episode – Elena.
I thought that killing Elena Gilbert off for good would’ve been the easy way out for TVD. It also wouldn’t have fit into a storyline that truly made sense or that would’ve allowed the characters, mainly Damon, to move on from it. On the flip side, I wasn’t sure they’d be able to make a realistic reason for Elena leaving Mystic Falls for good. But this? This was a good twist. One I appreciated and loved a lot.

Elena isn’t dead, but she’s almost as good as? Her life is tied to Bonnie’s. As long as Bonnie is alive, Elena stays asleep, just as she is. A twist that totally fits this show. For only half a second did I actually believe that Damon was going to let Bonnie die, so Elena could wake up. Instead he saved her from Kai, which was too perfect. “Thought I was going to leave you all alone? No way, I’m not out of nicknames for you yet.” SIDE NOTE: I JUST REALLY WANT BONNIE AND DAMON TO BE BEST FRIENDS!! PLEASE JUST LET THIS HAPPEN, TVD!


Also yes, I cried. Actually cried HARD during some of the goodbye scenes with Elena. Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline saying goodbye? Tears. So many tears. Then they brought out the feathers and Bonnie made them float and I almost sobbed. “Write it all down” TEARS.

My only gripe with the goodbye scenes was that Elena and Jeremy’s was the worst. What the hell? That’s your SISTER. You might never see her again.. And I got zero emotion? What? Yea, so I was more than a little disappointed in that, but everyone else had a heartbreaking goodbye, which was naturally, the point.


I can’t even deal with the Damon and Elena goodbye. Can’t. Even. Deal. That dance scene? WHAT?! Tears. Again, Beautifully tragic. I’ve been a #Delena shipper since Season 1, Episode 3, so since before it was cool to be a Delena shipper. So yea, I cried during their goodbye.


Where Does The Vampire Diaries Go From Here?

Good question.

It looks like Momma Salvatore and Enzo (UGH! why is he still a thing?!) and the merry band of Vampire Witches (??) will be the new big bad next year. I think this could work. I liked that in Season 6 TVD brought back a big bad family type thing, because that works for them. Cough The Originals cough. So I think this could work for Season 7. We’ll see.

I’m most curious about the ending time jump cliffhanger they gave us and also seeing Damon and Stefan figure out this brother thing. I’m just really curious to see Damon without Elena.

Can The Vampire Diaries survive without Nina Dobrev? Ehh.. I don’t know. I think it can try, and try it will! What do you think?

Xx Kay

CoverGirl NEW Super Sizer Mascara & Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner REVIEW

I received these products from Influenster for review but all opinions below are most definitely, 100% my own.

As my Disclaimer says, Influenster sent me these new Covergirl products for review before they hit the shelves. I spent just under 2 weeks testing them out and now I have opinions.


Let’s start with something really positive and good. The Covergirl Super Sizer mascara. I REALLY, REALLY LIKE IT.

The whole premise behind this mascara is that you are supposed to twist the wand as you apply it and then it’s supposed to give you more length and volume. The whole “twist the wand as you apply” thing was kind of weird at first, but once I got the hang of it, I just kept saying “WOW, look at my lashes. WOW”.


I’m not a huge Covergirl lover, to be honest and when you look at the wand you’re kind of underwhelmed, so I wasn’t expecting a lot from this mascara, but WOW. Definitely comparable to some of my high ends mascaras and I liked it better than a few. I also liked that it did some crazy good separating and lengthening of my bottom lashes.


Awkward picture, but so you can see the mascara on a full face of makeup.

Then I put this Covergirl Super Sizer mascara to the ultimate test this past weekend. I was working outside ALL WEEKEND in high humidity and some rain and 85 degree weather, etc. The mascara didn’t smudge, didn’t flake off, didn’t transfer at all. In fact, at the end of the day I think it looked almost exactly like it did that morning. So yea, BIG win in my book.

Not only would I recommend this Covergirl Super Sizer mascara, but when mine runs out, there’s a 90% I’ll repurchase it on my own. That’s how you know. 


Now moving on to something not as positive. We’ll keep this short and sweet, because well.. Yea.

Influenster also sent me Covergirl’s Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner.

I don’t like anything about it.

I didn’t get to really put the formula to the test, but from my first impressions? I didn’t really like the formula. But again, I never really got to test it’s longevity because..

I LOATHE the applicator. What even is that?


It’s supposed to be a dual sided, 2-in-1 liquid eyeliner pen. So there’s a flat, fat side and a skinny side. First of all, the “skinny” side? No skinny enough for me. You won’t be getting any kind of super precise, thin eyeliner line with this pen. You just won’t. Second, the fat side was basically a marker. I’d have had better luck with a sharpie. At least it’d have been more precise.

This Covergirl Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner was supposed to be the new perfect way for beginner’s to do a cat eye. Okay, I’m not a beginner, so maybe that was my problem (????) but I couldn’t get a cat eye from this liquid eyeliner pen at all. There was no way to do the flick at the end, because the entire this was so blunt.


I don’t know, the fat side of the pen kept interfering with the skinny side and I just didn’t like a thing about it.

I contemplated giving it to my sister, who would be a beginner for a cat eye look, but honestly, I don’t want her learning or attempting to learn to do a cat eye with this kind of applicator, because then I’m worried she won’t be able to use any other kind of liquid eyeliner pen. **not that I think she’d ever be able to achieve an actual cat eye with this pen in the first place**

I don’t recommend it. It’s not something I ever would have purchased for myself and it is still not something I would ever purchase for myself.

Do you like these makeup reviews? Would you be interested it seeing a few more, in depth ones, with other makeup products that I purchase on my own? Let me know, I’m curious.

Xx Kay

Chit Chatty

Umm, it’s really early this morning and we’re going to do something that I don’t see in Blog Land anymore. We’re going to just chat a little.

I actually think it’s interesting that bloggers don’t really do this anymore. Those kind of stream of consciousness posts, where bloggers just type and talk to their readers. No one does that now. Which I kind of get, because TIME. Now a days, if you don’t attract your reader in the first paragraph or with the first photo, they’re gone. On to the next!!


It’s a shame, but also, I totally get it. Which is why today’s won’t be too long. Today’s wouldn’t exist at all, except.. well, STORYTIME.

Last night, I planned out this week’s and most of next week’s blog post schedule and then I went ahead a wrote a few of the posts for this week, because I was on a roll. For today I had written and completely finished and scheduled a post for today about Bridal Shower games and my tips. But then I went to bed and UGH.. I always get all of my ideas laying in bed. It was made worse because it was thunder storming, so I couldn’t fall asleep and I just had all these ideas running through my head.

See, I just kept thinking that I should include printables in my Bridal Shower post of the games I played. I mean, for the most part I’ve already made the games anyway. They’d just need a little bit of tweaking and then I could make them into free printables for everyone! It’s such a good idea, right?


But last night I didn’t want to get out of bed and write a separate post for today, so I just kept telling myself that it’d be fine and I wouldn’t do the free printables. And thennnn I woke up this morning.. and I decided that I just HAD to include the printables. I just had to.

Which left me in a pickle for today. I could’ve left you without anything, but #1, that’s not nice and #2, I felt like a chit chatty post would be fun. It’s been SO LONG since I’ve done that. I did it on my old blog a few times in its early beginnings, but I haven’t done it on Champagne Laced at all.

So that’s the story. Unfortunately, the Bridal Shower post won’t be here tomorrow either. I already have tomorrow’s post written and I really want to post it tomorrow! It’s a makeup review. That I WAS NOT asked to write, but I am anyway, because MAKEUP.


So tomorrow, friends. Also, I’m sorry for today’s chit chatty ridiculousness. Welcome to my real life.

Xx Kay

Bridal & Bach Party Photo Dump

This week has been weird.
Is it actually Thursday? How did that happen?

I had so many plans for this week and approximately zero of them have happened. Also, you should see my apartment. As my sister said – “It looks like someone broke in.” It’s just that last week was such a whirlwind of preparing for the Bridal Shower and the Bachelorette Party for my best friend, and then this past weekend was a whirlwind of the actual Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party, and I slept very little.

Which was dumb, because this whole week so far my body has been completely messed up. I thought it was just my body reacting to the lack of sleep, my allergies acting up, and eating only Chocolate Chocolate Chunk cookies and the most amazing cupcakes of life, and the alcohol. Ugh, the alcohol. However, as of last night I officially know I’m sick. Which.. ugh. I naturally don’t have time for, so I’m doing my best to pretend that I’m not sick. That’s working about as well as you think it is.

All of this to say – I have some really helpful Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party posts, but I’m not going to get them done until next week. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and browsing blogs before both events and the very few that I found were really helpful. So I’m preparing to add a few more to the interwebs.

Today, you just get a little bit of a photo dump from the weekend and maybe a little hint of what will be coming next week.

BridalShower05 BridalShower02 BridalShower03 BridalShower04 BridalShower01


BacheloretteParty06 BacheloretteParty05 BacheloretteParty04 BacheloretteParty03 BacheloretteParty02 BacheloretteParty01


Just a few for today! Saving all of the rest for future posts!

Love you lovelies!

Xx Kay