Charles Is A?! – Pretty Little Liars Review

I had two friends who begged me not to write about the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 finale until today because they were going to spend all weekend catching up. They’re now caught up and I can now discuss.

If you clicked on this post and you’re still reading, then I’m sure you’ve already either watched or heard about the Pretty Little Liars season 5 finale, “Welcome to the Dollhouse”. So I’m not actually going to recap the full episode, because you already know. Instead, I’m going to word-vomit about my thoughts and maybe some theories.


Welcome To The Dollhouse – The Good

I have to say, this was a phenomenal episode. The creepy factor in this episode was at an absolute all time high and when Pretty Little Liars is creepy, then Pretty Little Liars is at its best. This was a complicated and intricate episode, and again, when Pretty Little Liars does complicated and intricate, then Pretty Little Liars is at its best.

I think Pretty Little Liars is good when I. Marlene King wants to make sure it is good. Does that make sense? She obviously put a lot, a lot of time into this episode and it showed! It was great! The problem is that I. Marlene King and her writing staff can’t give that kind of attention to every episode all season long and that is when the complex storyline of Pretty Little Liars falls apart and is at its worst. Logically, I understand this dilemma completely, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still frustrate me.


Let’s talk big moments from the season 5 finale. Mona isn’t dead. Shocker. But really.. was it? I remember thinking back when it happened that it was an awfully bold move for Pretty Little Liars to kill off Mona, right when Mona was becoming an ally to the Liars and right when we were finding out that Mona had a lot of information about A. So, bold move by I. Marlene King, right? So I immediately wasn’t sure about it and thought it might just be a plot device, which it turned out to be. The trial was because of Mona’s death and the trial ended up sending all of the girls to jail, and sending the girls to jail is how A was able to kidnap them, and A kidnapping them was how some of the parents and finally the police department finally found out about A. So, plot device, which I figured. I won’t pretend to have known that they’d see Ali in that Dollhouse and that Ali would actually be Mona, I was shocked by that too, and then I LOVED how she actually did know she was Mona and not Ali. I just wasn’t shocked that Mona was alive. I kind of figured, especially after Mike explained his “role” in everything leading up to her “death” a few episode prior.


Some of the other big moments I just mentioned above. Spencer’s parents, who speaking of, I dislike her dad so incredibly much and found it so incredibly annoying that he was in this episode at all, know about A. This is kind of big considering we’ve spent 5 season hiding it from the parents of Rosewood. Also, in a very surprising and kind of out of no where twist, Detective Tanner now  knows about A (ish? I think?).

Welcome To The Dollhouse – The Bad

Let’s cut to the chase, and I hesitate to call this “bad” because I don’t necessarily think it is, but obviously fans are let down that the Big A Reveal turned out to be a name, Charles. I think it was bad marketing on ABC Family’s part, to be honest. They over promised and under delivered. I didn’t have my hopes up, so I wasn’t actually disappointed with the reveal.

Having said that, did I think that A would turn out to be someone we actually already knew? Yes. Mostly because they told us that we knew this character and had met this character before, but for the life of me, I can not remember ever meeting a Charles in the history of the series. So yes, that annoys me a smidge (over promise, under deliver). Was I as disappointed as everyone else about the Big A Reveal? No.


I don’t mind that it wasn’t an epic reveal, because honestly guys, Pretty Little Liars has already been signed on for 2 more seasons. There’s no way they could’ve given us everything we wanted in that season 5 finale episode and then have us stick around for TWO more seasons. One more, maybe, but two? There’s just no way they would still have enough story to tell. So I really don’t mind. I think the episode ended giving us just enough information to satisfy us, but spring boarding a new storyline.

Welcome To The Dollhouse – The Theories

I don’t want to get too caught up in my theories, because who really even knows what the heck I. Marlene King and crew are thinking. HOWEVER, let’s chat right quick. EVERYONE keeps saying that Charles is Jason’s twin. Now, I don’t necessarily disagree with that, but I do need to point out that it was never explicitly said. Yes, I think he’s definitely Jason and Ali’s brother, but Jason’s twin? Maybe or maybe not. Just keeping my options open.

I think the reveal that Charles is somehow related to Jason and Ali and possibly (assuming he IS Jason’s twin) Spencer, is interesting. I’m excited to hear the story behind this, because I have a lot of questions. On one hand, a lot of things fall into place knowing who he is, but a few other things don’t make sense. I’m curious to see if any or all of those loose ends get tied up.

Also, everything involving Andrew, I hated. What is even going on there? He’s been around and in the show for how long and NOW he’s being a super creep? What? Ugh.. Done with that storyline.


Welcome To The Dollhouse – Questions Moving Forward

So, uh.. Who exactly is Charles?
What is Detective Tanner going to do now that she knows Mona is alive?
Are Spencer’s parents going to tell the other parents?
Are all of the Rosewood parents going to start pretending they’re really involved in their kids’ lives?
So when does Ali get out of jail?
Why is Andrew being such a creep now?
Why does this Andrew storyline exist at all?!
What’s the deal with the prom thing?
How are the Liars + Mona getting out of the Dollhouse?
Who’s going to tell Ali and Jason that they have a sibling?

Finally, I hear that next season will feature a graduation.. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! Do the Liars even go to class? Surely Ali won’t be graduating too, right? Why wasn’t my high school career so effortless?

Now, thoughts? comments? TALK TO ME. I love it.

Xx Kay

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Pretty Little Liars – The Big ReveAl?

Today is the day! It’s all happening tonight! We, the people, are finally going to find out who A is.

WOOO gif

I think.

Since last Tuesday, I’ve been on Tumblr reading fan theories practically every free second I have and I just can’t get enough. I find it so interesting that someone gets so into a show that they’ve not only seen every episode multiple times, but that they’ve reviewed each episode and looked for every clue imaginable in each episode. I have to give it to I. Marlene King and the rest of the Pretty Little Liars writing staff, because they have a tough job. Some of the PLL fans probably know they show better than they do, which can make writing episodes with a lot of details really tricky. Some of the theories are crap, but some of them have potential, and then some of them are just so ridiculous, that they might be true.

I’m hoping that if you’ve read this far, then you’re caught up on all of the episodes and ready to hear me discuss. Because obviously, spoilers ahead.

Pretty Little Liars – The Big ReveAL


I’m usually pretty critical of this show, because I think it’s fun to be. I will say, this last half of Season 5, I haven’t had too many things I’ve gotten angry about. Now, having said that, of course all of the usual Pretty Little Liars bullshit has still annoyed me. These parents on this show.. Ugh. WHAT IN THE HELL is with Aria and Mike’s mom all of a sudden having something to do with her children? “Oh Aria, I’m going to make you do this picture day thing to keep your mind off the trial” and “Oh Mike and Aria, why are you being so loud in the living room?” Oh shut up. They use the parents like rotating plot tools and it drives me bananas.

Overall though, I love the trial storyline. I loved that Hanna got arrested too. I love Caleb, in all of the ways. I love that Mike knows about A!! I love that there are more people to back up the Liars. I love to hate Detective Tanner. I love that Ali was found guilty (even though, HOW?!) and I love that all of the Liars are now behind bars.


Listen, after 5 seasons, I’ve learned to watch Pretty Little Liars with a different eye. I can’t watch this show and expect everything to be realistic. When I watch an episode and I start to think “THAT WOULD NEVER ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO HAPPEN!”, I remind myself that of course it wouldn’t happen in real life. Rosewood isn’t real life. The show tries to straddle that line between realistic and fantasy and sometimes they go a little more one way than the other. If you’re having problems watching the show, I highly recommend attempting to watch it without high expectations and without getting too caught up in the “this is so fake” mindset. It’s done wonders for me being able to actually enjoy the show.


But who am I kidding? I still think about throwing bricks at my TV during some scenes every scene.

Now, tonight. The Big ReveAl.
I don’t even know how I feel. Honestly, I don’t think we’re actually going to know who A is. I do think we’ll get some background and maybe a story and maybe a greater understanding of who A is, but I really doubt we get a clear cut “this person is A” kind of answer tonight. This whole “finding out A” thing has me so worried that I’m going to be SO LET DOWN though!


When you spend 5 seasons building up a big bad character like A and 5 seasons holding onto a huge secret like this. Well, I personally think that no matter who A is revealed to be, I’m going to be a little disappointed. I might LOVE the reveal and of course, I have my own theories to mix and match with the Tumblr theories I’ve read, but I think I’ll be disappointed regardless. There’s been so much buildup that I might just be a little disappointed that it’s over. Which makes no sense, since my biggest beef with the show is that they keep telling us they’re going to reveal A and then they throw a red herring at us. I’m complicated.. much like this show. Honestly, I’ll be more shocked if we find out who A is tonight rather than who A actually is

I guess we’ll find out tonight. ABC Family 8/7c. 


What do you guys think? Pretty Little Liars A theories? I’m ready to hear them. Or did you already give up on Pretty Little Liars? I feel ya, I feel ya.

Xx Kay

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Birthday Cake Champagne Cocktail

Oh, I have one heck of a delicious drink recipe for you today! Delicious and easy! A lovely champagne and vodka cocktail!

The first time I made this drink, I made it just for my sister to test it out. She fell in love with it, so then I made it for her and her roommates last week and posted a picture of it on my Instagram and my Snapchat (name kriistenstoll, find me!).

I got a ton of questions about the drink and my sister’s roommates loved it too, so it was officially time to share! It’s obscenely easy.


1 shot Cake Vodka
Pink Champagne
Funfetti Icing


Rim your glass with the icing and the sprinkles
Fill with one shot (ish) of the cake vodka and top with pink champagne.

You could substitute the pink champagne with any kind of champagne and food coloring, or omit the food coloring completely. I just really wanted this to be pink and I have quite the fondness for pink champagne.


Drink. Enjoy. Obsess.

Xx Kay

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The Flash “Out Of Time” || TV Friday

I’m going to talk about The CW’s The Flash today because the episode “Out Of Time” was episode 15, not a season finale, not even a mid-season finale, but it sure as hell felt like it!


If you’re here for TV Friday expecting me to discuss Pretty Little Liars, well don’t worry. Next week I’ve got a double dose of PLL discussions coming at ya. Because when I. Marlene King says we’re going to find out who A is (FINALLY), I have things to say.

Now, The Flash.


Seriously, if you haven’t seen the episode, quit reading now, because I’m about to drop all of the spoilers.

The Flash – “Out of time”

I’ve been staring at this screen for 10 minutes trying to decide how to organize my thoughts for this post. That’s how intense I feel like things were in that episode. I’m truly shocked that this episode wasn’t a finale of some kind. The last 15-20 minutes had all the makings of a finale.

The beginning of the episode was average. I DO. NOT. like Iris. I’m sorry, I know the people who read the comics apparently love her, but look -The writers and the directors of the show haven’t done of good job of making me like her at all. In fact, personally, I think they’ve done the opposite. I find her incredibly unlikeable. I especially loathe anything Barry and Iris related. So when Eddie called out Iris on her bullshit, I was happy, because dude, it took you long enough to see it.

The big bad metahuman this week was I mean, average again. He wasn’t really anything special to be honest. Other than making Joe totally lose his cool. Joe, who is usually so level headed and who really tries to make the smart choices, just totally lost all of that this episode. I kind of thought it was a weird character development, but whatever. We’ll see if it sticks around. I have doubts.

Let’s talk Cisco. Yea, if you watched the episode you know where I’m going with this. Cisco put in some serious work this week and he discovered a big secret. He figured out what is going on with Wells, aka The Reverse Flash. Major props to him, since he basically uncovered a huge plot point all on his own. Also HOLY WOW how good was the actor who plays Cisco (Carlos Valdes)  in the scene when Wells confronts him?! One of my favorite scenes from the show so far!


And then The Flash did something that only The Flash could do. It threw 2 major plot twists at us at once – Wells killed Cisco and Barry showed Iris that he was The Flash. Just when you were done catching your breath from those unexpected developments, The Flash throws one final twist at you. Barry broke the time travel speed barrier thing. Yea, I’m not exactly sure what they’re calling it.

Then the show ends, but then The CW shows the preview for next week’s episode and I am pumped for it. I’m not sure what Barry going back in time means exactly, but I think it means a lot. From what I gathered from the promo, Barry changed something in the past and that’s going to change a lot of things in the future/real time. So, maybe Cisco isn’t dead? And maybe Iris still doesn’t know about Barry? And maybe there are a lot of other questions up in the air.

I CAN NOT wait for next week’s episode, Rogue Time. It’s going to really be huge. It’s going to be the episode that propels The Flash into the real season finale and let me just say, after this random episode 15, I’m not sure my blood pressure can handle a season finale of The Flash.


Xx Kay